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If  I  can  put  one  touch  of  rosy  sunset,  into  the  life  of  any  man  or 
woman,  1  shall  feel  tliat  1  have  worked  with  God. 

Mac  Donald. 





AMES    POTT    & 


114  Fifth  Avenue 



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SENT    0\^R   THE  SEA, 




January  1st. 

Does  God  care  to  paint  the  sky  of 
an  evening,  that  a  few  of  His  chil- 
dren might  see  it,  and  get  just  a 
liope,  just  an  aspiration,  out  of  its 
passing  green  and  gold,  and  purple 
and  red? 

And  should  I  think  my  day's  labor 
lost,  if  it  work  no  visible  salvation  in 
the  earth? 

January  2d. 

He  who  is  faithful  over  a  few 
things  is  a  lord  over  cities.  It  does 
not  matter  whether  you  preach  in 
Westminster  Abbey,  or  teach  a  rag- 
ged class,  so  you  be  faithful. 

The  faithfulness  is  all. 


January  3d. 

It  is  better  to  be  trusted  than  to 
be  loved. 

January  Jftli. 

'Tis  easy  to  destro3% 
God,  only,  makes. 

January  dth. 
The  deepest,  purest  love  of  a 
woman  has  its  well-spring  in  Him. 
Our  longing  desires  can  no  more  ex- 
haust the  fullness  of  the  treasures 
of  the  Godhead,  than  our  imagination 
can  touch  their  measure. 

January  6th. 

Love  wliich  will  yield  to  prayer  is 
imperfect  and  poor.  Nor  is  it  then 
the  love  tliat  yields,  but  its  alloy. 

FROM  GEOnCrE  MAC  DONALD.         9 

January  7th, 
All  truth  is  lovely. 

January  8th. 

Let  us  think  and  care  ever  so  little 
about  God,  we  do  not  therefore  exist 
without  Him. 

January  9th. 

God  has  an  especial  tenderness  of 
love  towards  thee,  for  that  thou  art 
in  the  dark  and  hast  no  light. 

January  10  th. 

I  think,  my  dear,  death  has  two  sides 

to  it,— 
One     sunny    and     one    dark  :     as    this 

round  earth 
Is    every    day    half    sunny,    and    half 



We,  on  the  dark  side,  call  the  mys- 
tery death. 

They,  on  the  other  side,  looking 
down  in  light, 

Wait  the  glad  birth,  with  other  tears 
than  ours. 

January  11th. 

Fold  the  arms  of  thy  faith,  and 
wait  in  quietness,  until  light  goes  up, 
in  thy  darkness.  Fold  the  arms  of 
thy  faith,  I  say,  but  not  of  tliy  ac- 
tion: bethink  thee  of  something  tliat 
thou  oughtest  to  do,  and  go  and  do 
it,  if  it  be  but  the  sweeping  of  a 

Heed  not  thy  feelings,  but  do  thy 

January  12th. 
God  can  fill  the  emptiest  heart. 

FROM  GEORGE  MA  C  DONA  LD.       1 1 

January  13th. 

Christianity  does  not  mean  Avhat 
you  think  or  what  I  think,  concerning 
Christ,  but,  what  is  of  Christ  in  us. 

Januarij  IJfth. 

Become  thou  pure  in  heart,  and 
thou  shalt  see  God,  whose  vision 
alone  is  life. 

January  loth. 

None  but  God  can  read  in  a 
woman  what  she  really  is. 

January  16th. 

What  we  call  evil  is  tlie  only  and 
best  shape,  which  for  the  person,  and 
his  condition  at  the  time,  could  be 
assumed  by  the  best  good. 


January  17  th^ 

If  you  would  only  ask  what  God 
would  have  you  to  do,  you  would 
soon  find  your  confidence   growing. 

January  18th. 

Strive  to  be  what  God  would  have 
you  be,  nor  hold  anything  else,  worth 
thy  care. 

January  19th. 

God  be  with  thee.  He  is  with 
thee,  only  my  prayer  is  that  thou 
may'st  know  it. 

January  20th. 

It  is  the  human  we  love  in  each 
other, — and  the  liuman  is  Christ. 

rnOM  GEORGE  MAC  DONALD.      13 

January  21st. 

Come  to  me,  shine  in  me,  Master, 
And  I  care  not  for  river  or  tree: 

Care  not  for  sorrow  or  crying, 
If  only  Thou  shine  in  me. 

January  22d. 

The  strength  of  a  woman  is  as 
needful  to  her  Avomanhood  as  the 
strength  of  the  man  to  his  manhood, 
and  a  woman  is  just  as  strong  as  she 
will  be. 

January  23d. 

No  arguing  will  convince  you  of  a 
God;  but  let  Him  once  come  in,  and 
all  argument  Avill  be  tenfold  useless 
to  convince  you  that  there  is  no 


January/  2^th. 

How  is  tlie  work  of  the  world  to 
be  done,  if  we  take  no  thought? 
We  are  nowhere  told  not  to  take 
tliought.  We  mmt  take  thought. 
What  then  are  we  to  take  thought 
about?  Why,  about  our  work. 
What  are  we  not  to  take  thought 
about?  Why,  about  our  life-  The 
one  is  our  business :  the  other  is 

January  25th, 

God  is  in  no  haste :  and  if  I  do 
what  I  may,  in  earnest,  I  need  not 
mourn  if  I  work  no  great  work  on 
the  earth. 


January  26th. 

Lord,  I  have  laid  my  heart  upon  Thy 

But  cannot  get  the  wood  to  burn : 
It  hardly  flares,  ere  it  begins  to  falter. 

And  to  the  dark  returns. 

'Tis  all  I  have, — smoke,  failure,  foiled 
Coldness     and     doubt     and    palsied 
lack : 
Such  as    I  have    I  send  Thee,  perfect 
Send  Thou,  Thy  lightning  back. 

January  27th. 

To  trust  God  changes  tlie  atmos- 
phere surrounding  mystery,  and  seem- 
ing contradiction,  from  one  of  pain 
and  fear,  to  one  of  hope. 


January  28th, 

If  a  man  desire  God,  he  cannot  help 
knowing  enough  of  Him,  to  be  ca- 
pable of  learning  more. 

January  29tli. 
To  knoAV  God  is  life. 

January  oOtli. 

God  does  all  that  can  be  done,  for 
even  the  Avorst  of  men,  to  help  them 
to  believe  in  Christ. 

January  31st, 

Hurt  as  it  may,  love  on,  love  forever: 
Love  for  love's  sake,  like  the  Father 
But  for    whose  brave-hearted    Son,  we 
had  never 
Known    the  sweet  hurt    of    the  sor- 
rowful love. 


February  1st. 
Come  to  us  :    above  the  storm 

Ever  shines  the  blue  ! 
Come  to  us  :    be3'ond  its  form 

Ever  lies  the  true. 

February  2d. 
Afflictions    are  but   the    shadows    of 
God's  wings. 

February  3d. 

Do  not  talk  about  the  lantern  that 
holds  the  lamp :  but  make  haste  to 
uncover  the  light,  and  let  it  shine. 

February  Iftli. 

I  find  that  the  doing  of  the  will  of 
God  leaves  me  no  time  to  be  disput- 
ing about  His  plans. 


February  5tli. 

We  can  never  be  at  peace,  till  we 
have  performed  the  highest  duty  of 
all, — till  we  have  risen  and  gone  to 
our  Father. 

February  6tli. 

God  sees  thee,  through  all  the 
gloom,  through  which  thou  canst  not 
see  Him. 

February  7tli. 

It  has  been  well  said  that  no  man 
ever  sank  under  the  burden  of  the 

It  is  when  to-morrow^s  burden  is 
added  to  to-day's,  that  the  weight  is 
more  than  a  man  can  bear. 


February  Sth. 

Not  Avliat  I  think,  but  what  Thou 
art  makes  sure. 

February  9th. 

A  man's  labors  must  pass  like  the 
sunrises  and  sunsets  of  the  world. 
The  next  thing,  not  the  last  must  be 
his  care. 

February  lOtli. 

All  the  doors  that  lead  inward  to 
the  secret  place  of  the  most  High,  are 
doors  outward — out  of  self — out  of 
smallness — out  of  wrong. 

February  11th. 

The  lightning  and  thunder 
They  go  and  they  come  : 

But  the  stars  and  the  stillness 
Are  always  at  home. 


February  12th. 

What  is  my  next  duty  ?  No  one 
can  answer  that  question  but  yourself. 
Is  there  nothing  you  know  you  neg- 
lect? "Ah,  then,"  responded  she,  "I 
suppose  it  is  something  very  common- 
place, which  Avill  make  life  more 
dreary  than  ever.  That  cannot  help 
me."  "  It  will :  if  it  be  as  drear}-  as 
reading  the  newspaper  to  an  old  deaf 
Aunt.  It  Avill  soon  lead  3^ou  to  some- 
thing more.  Your  duty  will  begin 
to  comfort  you  at  once,  but  it  Avill 
at  lengtli  open  the  unknown  fount- 
ains   of   life  in  your  heart." 

February  loth. 

The  performance  of  small  duties, 
yes,  even  of  tlie  smallest,  will  do  more 
to  give  temporary  repose,  will  act 
more  as    healthful    anodynes    than  the 


greatest    joys    that    can    come    to    us 
from  any  other  quarter. 

February  l^th. 

Work  on.  One  day  beyond  all 
thought  of  praise, 

A  sunny  joy  will  crown  thee  with 
its  rays  : 

No  other  than  thy  need,  thy  recom- 

February  loth. 

Because  our  God  is  so  free  from 
stain  :  so  loving  :  so  unselfish :  so 
good :  so  altogether  what  He  wants  us 
to  be :  so  holy,  therefore  all  His  works 
declare  Him  in  beauty:  His  fingers 
can  touch  nothing  but  to  mould  it 
into  loveliness. 


Fehruary  IGtli. 

Hark,  hark,    a    voice    amid    the    quiet 

intense  ! 
It  is  thy  duty  waiting  thee  without. 

Fehruary  17  th. 

To  do  as  God  does  is  to  receive 
God:  to  do  a  service  to  one  of  His 
children  is  to  receive  the  Father. 

Fehruary  18th. 

The  man  that  feareth^  Lord,  to  doubt, 
In  that  fear,  doubteth  Thee. 

Fehruary  19th. 

Life  and  religion  are  one,  or  neither 
is  anything. 

FIi02I  GEORGE  MAC  DONALD.       25 

Fehritarij  20th. 

Whosoever  gives  a  cup  of  coltl 
water  to  a  little  one,  refreshes  the 
heart  of  the  Father. 

Fehruary  21st. 

It   is   because    God    is    perfect    that 
we  are  required  to  be  perfect. 

February  22 d. 

Nothing  is    required    of  man  that  is 
not  first  in  God. 

February  2Sd. 

I  think  that  nothing  made  is  lost, 
That  not  a  moon  has  ever  shone. 

That     not     a     cloud     my     eyes     hath 
But  to  my  soul  is  gone  ; 


That  all  the  lost  years,  garnered,  lie 
In  this,  Thy  casket,  my  dim  soul: 

And  Thou  wilt,  once,  the  key  apply, 
And  show  the  shining  Avhole. 

February  24th. 

To  understand  tlie  words  of  our 
Lord  is  the  husiness  of  life. 

February  25tli. 

What' is  the  kingdom  of  Christ  ?  A 
rule  of  love,  of  truth, — a  rule  of  ser- 
vice. The  King  is  the  chief  servant 
in  it. 

February  26th. 

As  soon  as  ever  a  service  is  done 
for  the  honor,  and  not  for  the  service- 
sake,  the  doer  is  that  moment  outside 
of  the  kingdom. 


February  27tli. 
Lord,  Thou    hast  much    to  make    me 


A  feeble  infant  still : 
Thy  thoughts,  Lord,  in  my  bosom  set. 
Fulfill  me  of  Thy  will. 

Fehruary  28th. 
Not     every      storm     that      climbeth 
heavenward,  overwhelms  the  earth. 


March  1st. 

Of   noise    alone    is    borne    tlie    inward 

Of    silence :  and    from    action    springs 

The    inward    knowledge   of    true    love 

and  faith. 

March  2d. 

The  rejoicing,  in  heaven,  is  greatest 
over  the  sheep  that  has  wandered  the 
farthest  —  perhaps  was  born  on  the 
wild  hillside,  and  not  in  the  fold  at 

March  3d. 

Jesus    gives  Himself    to    us. — Shall 
we  not  give  ourselves  to  Him?     Shall 


we    not  give  ourselves  to    eacli    other, 
Avliom  He  loves. 

MarcJi  4th. 

We  clo  not  draw  back,  for  that  we 
we  are  unworthy,  nor  even  for  that 
we  are  hard-hearted,  and  care  not  for 
the  good.  The  perfection  of  His  re- 
lation to  us  swallows  up  all  our  im- 

March  5tli. 
Life  is  not  a  series  of  chances,  with 
a  few    providences  sprinkled    between, 
to  keep  up  a  justly  failing  belief,  but 
one  providence  of  God. 

3Iarch  6th. 
I  think  Thou  Lord,  wilt,  heal  me  too, 

Whate'er  the  needful  cure  : 
The  great  best,  only  Thou  wilt  do. 

And  hoping,  I  endure. 


March  7tli. 

Our  Lord's    arguments    are  for  the 

presentation    of     the     truth,    and  the 

truth    carries    its    own    conviction  to 
him  who  is  able  to  receive  it. 

March  8th. 

Obedience  is  as  divine  as  Will. 
Service  as  divine  as  Rule.  How  ?  Be- 
cause they  are  one  in  their  nature  : 
they  are  both  a  doing  of  the  truth. 

March  9th. 

We  are  perfect  in  faith,  when  we 
can  come  to  God,  in  the  utter  dearth 
of  our  feelings,  and  our  desires,  with- 
out a  glow  or  an  aspiration  :  with  the 
weight  of  failures,  neglects,  and  wan- 
dering forgetfulness,  and  say  to  Him, 
"  Thou  art  my  refuge  because  Thou  art 
my  home." 


March  10th. 

Weep  if  thou  wilt,    but    weep  not  all 

too  long. 
Or    weep    and    work,    for    work    will 

lead  to  song. 

March  11th. 
Nothing  is  inexorable  but   love. 

March  12th. 

To  see  a  truth  :  to  know  what  it 
is :  to  understand  it,  and  to  love  it, 
are  all  one. 

March  loth. 

Let  us  have  grace  to  serve  our  God 
with  divine  fear  :  not  Avith  the  fear 
that  cringes  and  craves,  but  with  the 
bowing  down  of  all  thoughts,  all  de- 
lights,   all    loves,   before  Him   who   is 


the    life   of    them    all,  and    who    will 
have  them  all  pure. 

March  IJfth. 

It  is  not  love  that  grants  a  boon 
unwillingly;  still  less  is  it  love  that 
answers  a  prayer  to  the  wrong  and 
hurt  of  him  who  prays. 

March  15th. 

God  who  has  made  us  can  never  be 
far  from  any  man,  who  draws  the 
breatli  of  life — nay,  must  be  in  him  : 
not  necessarily  in  his  heart,  as  we 
say,  but  still  in  him. 

March  16th. 

May  not  then,  one  day,  some  terri- 
ble convulsion  from  the  center  of  his 
being  ;  some   fearful   earthquake    from 


the  hidden  gulfs  of  his  nature,  shake 
such  a  man,  so  that  through  all  the 
deafness  of  his  death,  the  voice  of  the 
Spirit  may  be  faintly  heard,  the  still 
small  voice  that  comes  after  the  tem- 
pest and  the  earthquake? 

March  17tli. 

God  requires   of  us   that  we   should 
do  Him  no  injustice. 

March  18th. 

Dome  up,  O  Heaven  !  yet  higher  o'er 
my  head  ; 

Back,  back  horizon  !  widen  out  my 
world  : 

Rush  in,  O  infinite  sea  of  the  Un- 
known : 

For  though  He  slay  me,  I  will  trust 
in  God. 


March  19th. 

To  men  who  are  not  simple,  sim- 
ple Avorcls  are  the  most  inexplicable  of 

March  20th, 

It  is  the  nature  of  God,  so  terribly 
pure,  that  it  destroys  all  that  is  not 
as  pure  as  fire,  which  demands  like 
purity,  in  our  worship. 

It  is  not  that  the  fire  will  burn  us, 
if  we  do  not  worship  thus,  but  that 
the  fire  will  burn  us,  until  we  wor- 
ship thus. 

March  21st. 

The  true  revelation  arouses  the  de- 
sire to  know  more,  by  the  truth  of 
its  incompleteness. 


March  22d. 

Whatever  belonging  to  the  region 
of  thought  and  feeling  is  uttered  in 
words,  is  of  necessity  uttered  imper- 

March  23d. 

Be    bounteous    in    thy    faith,    for    not 

Is  confidence  unto  the  Father  lent. 

March  24th. 

Words  for  their  full  meaning  de- 
pend upon  their  source,  the  person 
who  speaks  them. 

So  the  words  of  God  cannot  mean 
just  the  same  as  the  words  of  man. 

March  25th, 

Troubled  Soul,  thou  art  not  bound 
to  feel,  but  thou   art   bound   to   arise. 


God   loves    thee  whether    thou   feelest 
or  not. 

March  26th. 

Try  not  to  feel  good,  when  thou 
art  not  good,  but  cry  to  Him  who  is 

March  27th. 

Every  uplifting  of  the  heart  is  a 
looking  up  to  the  Father. 

March  28th. 

Spiritual  pride  springs  from  sup- 
posed success  in  the  high  aim:  with 
attainment  comes  humility. 

March  29th. 

To  be  something  to  God — is  not 
that  praise  enough  ? 


March  30th. 

To  be  a  thing  God  cares  for,  and 
would  have  complete  for  Himself,  be- 
cause it  is  worth  caring  for, — is  not* 
that  life  enough? 

March  3M. 

The  true  self  is  that  which  can 
look  Jesus  in  the  face,  and  say  "  Mi/ 


April  1st. 

Beauty  doth  not  pass  away! 

Her  form  departs  not,  though  her 
body  dies, 

Secure  beneath  the  earth,  the  snow- 
drop lies, 

Waiting  the  Spring's  young  resurrec- 
tion day. 

April  2d. 

God    gives    Himself    to   us    though 
we  know  it  not. 

April  3d. 

Forgiveness    can   never    be   indiffer- 


April  Jftli. 

If  we  are  bound  to  search  after 
what  our  Lord  means, — and  He 
speaks,  that  we  may  understand — we 
are  at  least  equally  bound  to  refuse 
any  interpretation  which  seems  to  us 
unlike  Him — unworthy  of  Him. 

April  5tli. 

God  loves  where  He  cannot  yet 
forgive — where  forgiveness,  in  the  full 
sense,  is,  as  yet,  simply  impossible : 
because  that  which  lies  between  us 
has  not  begun  to  yield  to  the  besom 
of  His  holy  destruction. 

Ap)ril  6th. 

Whatever  a  good  word  means  as 
used  by  a  good  man,  it  means  just 
infinitely  more  as  used  by  God. 


April  7th. 

If  ye  forgive  not  men  their  tres- 
passes, neitlier  will  your  heavenly 
Father,  forgive  you  your  trespasses. 
These  words  are  kindness  indeed. 

Aiyril  8th. 

God  holds  the  unforgiving  man, 
with  His  hand,  but  turns  His  face 
away  from  liim. 

April  9th. 

It  may  be  infinitely  less  evil  to 
murder  a  man  than  to  refuse  to  for- 
give him.  In  as  far  as  we  can  we 
quench  the  relations  of  life  between 
us.  We  shut  out  God,  the  Life,  the 

Ajyril  10th. 
What  man  can   judge   his    neighbor 


aright,   save    liim   whose    love    makes 
him  refuse   to  judge  him? 

Therefore  we  are  told  to  love,  and 
not  to  judge. 

April  11th. 

To  be  content  is  not  to  be  satis- 
fied. No  one  ought  to  be  satisfied 
with  the  imperfect. 

April  12th. 

The  way  to  worship  God  while 
daylight  lasts  is  to  work :  the  service 
of  God,  the  only  "  divine  service  "  is 
the  helping  of  our  fellows. 

April  13th. 

We  are  and  we  remain  such  creep- 
ing Christians,  because  we  look  at 
ourselves,  and  not  at   Christ. 


April  14th. 

God  does  not  by  the  instant  gift 
of  His  Spirit,  make  us  always  feel 
right;  desire  good;  love  purity;  as- 
pire after  Him  and  His  will. 

April  15th. 

Should     the      twilight      darken      into 

And    sorrow    grow    to     anguish:      be 

thou  strong : 
Thou   art   in    God,    and    nothing     can 

go  wrong, 
Which   a   fresh    life-pulse     cannot   set 


April  16th, 

Each  of  us  has  within  him,  a 
secret  of  the  Divinity;  each  is  grow- 
ing toward  the  revelation  of  that 
secret  to  himself,  and  so   to   the    full 


reception,    according   to    his    measure, 
of  the  Divine. 

Aj^ril  17tli. 

We  do  not  lialf  appreciate  the 
benefits  to  the  race,  that  spring  from 
honest  dulhiess. 

April  18tli. 

A  man  must  not  choose  his  neigh- 
bor; he  must  take  the  neighbor  that 
God  sends  him.  Your  neighbor  is 
just  the  man,  who  is  next  to  you,  at 
the   moment. 

April  19th. 

We  shall  find  one  day,  that  beauty 
and  riches  were  the  best  things,  for 
tliose  to  whom  they  were  given;  as 
deformity  and  poverty,  were  the  best 
for  others. 


April  20th. 

There  are  those  who  in  their  first 
seeking  of  it,  are  nearer  to  the  king- 
dom, than  many,  who  have  for  years, 
believed  themselves  of  it. 

April  21st, 

The  Lord  says  "  Judge  not." 
Didst  thou  judge  thy  neighbor  yes- 
terday ?  Wilt  thou  judge  him  again 
to-morrow  ? 

April  22d. 

It  is  strange  to  see,  how  even 
noble  women,  with  the  divine  gift  of 
imagination,  may  be  argued  into  un- 
belief in  their  best  instincts,  by  some 
small  man,  as  commonplace  as  clever, 
who   beside   them,    is   as    limestone    to 



April  23d. 

Whatever  God  does  must  be  right, 
but  are  we  sure  that  we  know  what 
He  does  ? 

That  which  men  say  He  does  may 
be  very  wrong  indeed. 

April  24ih. 

So  long  as  we  hang  back  from 
doing  what  conscience  urges,  there  is 
no  peace  for  us. 

April  25tli. 

The  Lord  says,  "  Love  your  ene- 
mies." Sayest  thou,  "It  is  impos- 
sible ! "  Thou  sayest  true,  I  doubt 
not  :  but  hast  thou  tried  whether  He 
who  made,  will  not  increase  the 
strength  put  forth  to  obey  Him. 

FROM  GEORGE  3fAC  DONALD.      51 

April  26th. 

Go  to  Him,  Avlio  says  in  the  might 
of  His  eternal  tenderness,  and  His 
human  pity.  "  Come  unto  me,  all  ye 
that  labor  and  are  heavy-laden,  and  I 
will  give  you  rest." 

A2?ril  27th. 

"A  strange  longing  after  some- 
thing he  knew  not,  nor  could  name, 
awoke  within  him.  This  feeling  was 
never  stilled ;  the  desire  never  left 
him ;  sometimes  growing  even  to  a 
passion  that  was  relieved  only  by  a 
flood  of  tears." 

April  28th. 

Little  did  Robert  tliink,  that  his 
soul  was  searching  after  One,  whose 
form  was  constantly  presented  to  him, 


but  as  constantly,  obscured  and  made 
unlovely  by  the  Avords,  without 
knowledge,  spoken  in  the  religious 
assemblies  of  the  land. 

April  29tlu 

The  will  of  God  can  never  be 
other  than  good ;  but  I  doubt  if  any 
man  can  ever  be  sure  that  a  thing  is 
the  will  of  God,  save  by  seeing  into 
its  nature  and  character,  and  behold- 
ing its  goodness. 

April  30th. 

It  is  one  thing  and  a  good  thing, 
to  do  for  God's  sake,  that  which  is 
not  His  will;  it  is  another  thing,  and 
altogether  a  better  thing,  to  do  for 
God's  sake,  that  which  is  His  will. 


May  1st. 

Turn     thee     and     to     thy    work;    let 

God  alone; 
And   wait    for     Him;     faint     o'er   the 

waves  will  come 
Far   floating   whispers    from    the   other 

To   thine    averted   ears.     Do  thou  tliy 

And   thou   shalt     follow ;    follow    and 

find  thine  own. 

May  2d. 

Count  not  that  labor  an  evil,  which 
helps  to  bring  out  the  best  elements 
of  human  nature. 


May  3d, 

Finding  how  the  unbelief  of  the 
best  of  the  poor  is  occasioned  by 
hopelessness  in  privation,  and  the 
sufferings  of  those  dear  to  them,  he 
Avas  confident  that  only  the  personal 
communion  of  friendship,  could  make 
it  possible  for  them  to  believe  in 

May  4th. 

You  must  not  imagine  that  the  re- 
sult depends  on  you,  or  that  a  single 
human  soul  can  be  lost,  because  you 
may  fail. 

May  5th, 

God  can  use  us  as  tools,  but  to  be 
a  tool  of,  is  not  to  be  a  fellow- 
worker  with. 

FH OM  GEOJiGE  MA C  DONALD.       57 

Mai/  6th. 

Repentance  does  not  mean  sorrow; 
it  means  turning  away  from  the  sin. 

Mai/  7th. 

The  mist  was  now  far  enouG^h  off 
to  be  seen  and  thought  about.  It 
was  clouds  now — no  longer  mist  and 
rain.  And  I  thought  how,  at  length, 
the  evils  of  the  w^orld  would  float 
away,  and  we  should  see  what  it  was 
that  made  it  so  hard  for  us  to  be- 
lieve, and  be  at  peace. 

May  8th. 

It  is  true,  no  one  can  by  an 
effort  of  the  Avill  care  for  this  or 
that;  but  where  a  man  cares  for 
notliing  that  is  worth  caring  for,  the 
fault  must  lie,  not  in  the  nature  God 


made,   but   in   the    character   the   man 
himself  has  made,  and  is  making. 

Ma^  9th. 

When  men  face  a  duty,  not  merely 
will  that  duty  become,  at  once,  less 
unpleasant  to  them,  but  life  itself 
Avill  immediately  begin  to  gather  in- 

Mai/  10th. 

Thousands  that  are  capable  of 
great  sacrifices  are  yet  not  capable  of 
the  little  ones  which  are  all  that  are 
required  of  them. 

May  11th. 

A  multitude  of  successive,  small 
sacrifices,  may  work  more  good  in  the 
world,  than  many  a  large  one. 


Ma?/  12th. 

The  cry  of  the  human  heart,  in 
all  ages,  and  in  every  moment,  is, 
"  AVhere  is  God,  and  how  shall  I 
find  Him?" 

May  13th. 

Those  who  w^ould  do  good  to  the 
poor,  must  attempt  it,  in  the  way 
in  which  best  they  could  do  good  to 
people  of  their  own  standing. 

May  llfth. 

Women  are  being  constantly  mis- 
led by  the  fancy  and  hope  of  being 
the  saviours  of  men.  It  is  natural  to 
goodness  and  innocence,  but  not  the 
less  is  the  error  a  disastrous  one. 

Christians  must  be  in   the  ^^'<K•ld   as 


He  was  in  the  world :  and  in  propor- 
tion as  the  truth  radiated  from  them, 
the  world  would  be  able  to  believe  in 

Ma7/  16th, 

Who  shall  say  when  God  can  do 
no  more — God  who  takes  no  care  of 
Himself,  and  is  laboriously  working 
to   get  His  children  home. 

May  17th. 

Our  fate  is  in  our  own  hands.  It 
is  ours  to  determine  the  direction  in 
which  we  shall  go. 

May  18th. 

The  foolish  child  thinks  tliere  can 
be  nothing,  where  he  sees  nothing ; 
the  human  heart  feels,  as  if,  where  it 
cannot  devise  help,  there  is  none  pos- 


sible  to  God.  "  But  as  the  heavens 
are  higher  than  the  earth,  so  are  His 
ways  higher  than  our  ways,  and  His 
thoughts  than  our  thoughts." 

Mai/  19tli, 

If  God  cannot  save  a  man  by  all 
His  good  gifts ;  not  even  by  the  gift 
of  a  woman,  offered  to  his  higher 
nature, — but  by  that  refused, — the 
woman's  giving  of  herself,  to  his 
lower  nature,  can  only  make  him  the 
more  unredeemable. 

May  Wth, 

Nothing  worth  calling  good  can  or 
ever  will  be  started,  full-grown. 

May  21st. 

■  There  is  no  true  power  but  that 
which  has  individual  roots. 


Maij  2M. 

We  are  alwaj's  disbelieving  in  God, 
because  things  do  not  go  as  we  in- 
tend and  desire  them  to  go. 

May  23d. 

Contempt  is  murder  committed  by 
the  intellect,  as  hatred  is  murder 
committed  by  the  heart. 

May  34th. 

Would  it  be  any  kindness  not  to 
punish  sin?  Not  to  use  all  means  to 
put  away  the  evil  thing  from  us. 

May  25th. 

God    is    nearer    to    you    than     any 
thought  or  feeling  of  3'ours. 


Mai/  26th. 

If  I  felt  my  heart  as  hard  as  a 
stone  ;  if  I  did  not  love  God  or  man, 
or  woman,  or  little  child,  I  would  yet 
say  to  God,  in  my  lieart,  "  O  God, 
see  how  I  trust  Thee,  because  Thou 
art  perfect,  and  not  changeable  like 
me.  I  do  not  love  Thee.  I  am  not 
even  sorry  for  it.  Thou  seest  how 
much  I  need  Thee  to  come  close  to 
me,  to  put  Thy  arm  around  me,  to 
say  to  me  ^  3Iy  Child,'  for  the  worse 
my  state,  the  greater  my  need." 

Maij  27th. 

Everything  is  possible;  but  without 
labor  and  failure  nothing  is  achiev- 

^--^  May  28th. 
It  is  a  happy  tiling  for  us  that  this 


is  really  all  we  have   to  concern  our- 
selves  about — what  to  do  next. 

May  29tlu 

We  are,  perhaps,  too  much  in  the 
habit  of  thinking  of  death  as  the 
culmination  of  disease,  Avhich,  re- 
garded only  in  itself,  is  an  evil,  and 
a  terrible  evil.  But  I  think  rather  of 
death  as  the  first  pulse  of  the  new 
strength,  shaking  itself  free  from  the 
old,  mouldy  remnants  of  earth-gar- 
ments, that  it  may  begin,  in  freedom, 
the  new  life  that  grows  out  of  the 

May  SOtli. 

Some  natures  will  endure  a  great 
amount  of  misery  before  tliey  feel 
compelled  to  look  there,  for  help, 
whence   all  help  and  liealing  comes. 


May  3Ut. 

Never  any  one  tried  to  be  better, 
without,  for  a  time,  seeming  to  liim- 
self,   perhaps   to   others,   to  be   worse. 


June  1st. 

Do     with     us    what     Thou    wilt,     all 

glorious   heart; 
Thou  God  of  them  that  are    not    yet, 

but  grow ; 
We  trust  Thee  for  the  thing  we  shall 

be  yet; 
We,   too,    are    ill    content   with   what 

we  are. 

June  2d. 

The  kino^dom  of  heaven  is  not 
come,  even  Avlien  God's  will  is  our 
law;  it  is  come  when  God's  will  is 
our  will. 


June  3d. 

The    more  we    love    God,  the   more 
we  love   each  other. 

June  Iftli. 

God   is   your     Father   whether    you 
wish  it  or  not. 

June  5th. 

God  knows  how  things  look  to  us 
both  far  off  and  near.  What  tliey 
look  to  Him,  is  what  they  are ;  we 
cannot  see  them  so,  but  we  see  them 
as  He  meant  us  to  see  them,  there- 
fore truly,  according  to  the  measure 
of  the  created. 

June  6th. 

No   one    can    ever    save    his    soul. 
God  only  can  do  that. 


June  7th. 

To  have  wliat  we  want  is  riches, 
but  to  be  able  to  do  without  is 

June  8 til. 

That  man  has  begun  to  be  strong 
who  has  begun  to  know  that  sepa- 
rated from  life  essential,  that  is  God, 
he  is  weakness  itself;  but  of  strength 
inexhaustible,  if  he  be  one  with  his 

June  9th. 

Happy  she,  who  as  her  sun  is  go- 
ing down  behind  the  western  is  her- 
self ascending  the  eastern  hill,  re- 
turning througli  old  age  to  the 
second  and  better  childhood  which 
shall  not  be  taken  away. 


June  10  th. 

On  the  far  horizon  heaven  and 
earth  seemed  to  meet  as  old  friends, 
who  though  never  parted,  were  yet 
in  the  continual  act  of  renewing  their 

Jmie  11th. 

The  earth  like  the  angels  was  re- 
joicing,— if  not  over  a  sinner  that 
had  repented,  yet  over  a  man  that 
had  passed  from  a  lower  into  a 
higher  condition  of  life — out  of  its 
earth  into  its  air. 

Ju7ie  12th. 

To  make  things  real  to  us  is  the 
end  and  battle-cause  of  life. 

June  13th. 
We    often    think   we    believe   what 


we  are  only  presenting  to  our  imag- 
inations. The  least  thing  can  over- 
throw that  kind  of  faith. 

Ju7ie  l^th. 

You  cannot  leave  thoughts  as  you 
do  books.  Those  you  love  only  come 
nearer  to  you  when  you  go  away 
from  them. 

June  15tli. 

Faith  in  its  simplest,  truest,  might- 
iest form,  is — to  do  His  will  in  the 
one  thing  revealing  itself,  at  the  mo- 
ment, as  duty. 

June  16th. 

God  lets  men  have  their  play- 
things, like  the  children  they  are, 
that  they  may  learn  to  distinguish 
them  from  true  possessions. 


June  17th. 

Enduring  evil,  without  returning 
evil,  was  the  Saviour's  Avay.  I  fancy 
there  would  be  more  Christians,  and 
of  a  better  stamp,  in  the  world,  if 
that  had  been  the  mode  of  resistance 
always  adopted. 

June  18th. 

The  man  who  is  able  to  look  down 
and  see  that  part  of  him  capable  of 
disappointment  lying  beneath  him,  is 
far  more  blessed  than  he  who  re- 
joices in  the  fulfillment  of  his  desires. 

June  19th. 

Only  where  God  is,  is  no  empti- 


June  Wth. 

Religion  is  simply  the  way  home  to 
the  Father. 

Ju7ie  21st. 

Obedience  is  the  road  to  all  things. 
It  is  the  only  way  to  gro\y  able  to 
trust  Him. 

June  22d. 

The  gospel  is  not  given  to  redeem 
our  understandings,  but  our  hearts : 
that  done,  and  only  then,  our  under- 
standings will  be  free. 

Ju7ie  23d. 

Poor  unbelieving  birds  of  God,  we 
hover  about  a  whole  wood  of  the 
trees  of  life,  venturing  a  peck,  liere 
and   there,  as  if   their   fruit  might  be 


poison,  and  the  design  of  our  Creator 
was  our  ruin. 

June  ^^tli. 

God  finds  it  very  hard  to  teach 
us,  but  He  is  never  tired  of  trying. 

Ju7ie  25tli. 

Love  and  faith  and  obedience  are 
sides  of  the  same  prism. 

Jmie  26tli. 

Nothing  but  Christ  Himself  for 
3^our  very  own  teacher  and  friend 
and  brother,  not  all  the  doctrines 
about  Him,  even  if  every  one  of 
them  were    true,  can    save   you. 

June  '27th. 

It  is  out  of  the  storm  alone  that 
true  peace  comes. 

Fit OM  GEOli GE  MA C  UONALD.       7 7 

June  Q8tli, 

One  ought  not  to  be  miserable 
about  another,  as  if  God  had  forgot- 
ten him — only  i)ray  and  be  ready. 

June  L'9th. 

Do  you  think  Jesus  came  to  de- 
liver us  from  the  punishment  of  our 
sins?  The  terrible  thing  is  to  be  bad, 
and  all  punishment  is  to  help  to  de- 
liver us  from  it,  nor  will  it  cease 
until  we  have  given  up  being  bad. 

June  30th. 

To  the  loving  soul  alone  does  the 
Father  reveal  Himself;  for  love  alone 
can  understand  Him. 


July  1st. 

Come  to  me,  come  to  me,  O  my  God ; 

Come  to  me  everywhere. 
Let    the    trees    mean   Thee,    and    the 
grassy  sod. 

And  the  water  and  the  am 
For  Thou  art  so  far,  that  I  often  doubt, 

As  on  every  side  I  stare. 
Searching  within,  and  looking  without. 

If  Thou  art  anywhere. 

July  2d. 
God's  mercy  is  infinite ;  and  the 
doctrine  of  adoption  is  one  of  the 
falsest  of  all  doctrines  invented  by  the 
so-called  Church,  and  used  by  yet  less 
loving  teachers,  to  oppress  withal,  the 


souls  of  God's  true  children,  and  scare 
them  from  their  Father's  arms. 

Juli/  3d. 

It  will  be  something  better  and 
better,  lovelier  and  lovelier,  that  Christ 
will  teach  you.  Only  you  must  leave 
human  teachers  altogether,  and  give 
yourself  to  Him  to  be  taught. 

If  we  do  not  trust  God,  and  will  not 
work  with  Him ;  but  are  always  thwart- 
ing Him,  in  His  endeavors  to  make  us 
alive,  then  we  must  be  miserable :  there 
is  no  help  for  it. 

July  5th. 

The  thing  that  God  loves  is  the  only 
lovely  thing,  and  he  who  does   it,  does 


well  ;    and  is   on  the  way  to   discover 
that  he  does  it  very  badly. 

Jidi/  6th. 

The  doing  of  things  from  duty,  is 
but  a  stage  on  the  road  to  the  kingdom 
of  truth  and  love. 

Juli/  7th. 

To  hold  fast  upon  God,  with  one 
hand,  and  open  wide  the  other  to  your 
neighbor — that  is  religion :  and  the 
true  way  to  all  better  things  that  are 
yet  to  come. 

July  8th. 

It  is  those  who  are  unaware  of  their 
proclivities,  and  never  pray  against 
them,  that  must  be  led  into  temptation, 
lest  they  should  forever  continue 
capable  of  evil. 


July  9th. 

I  cannot  help  thinking — if  I  could 
get  my  head  and  heart  into  the  king- 
dom of  Heaven,  I  should  find  that 
everything  else  would  come  right.  I 
believe  it  is  God  Himself  I  want — 
nothing  will  do  but  Himself  in  me. 

Juli/  10th. 

When  you  are  good,  then  you  will 
know  why  Pie  did  not  make  you  good 
at  first,  and  will  be  perfectly  satisfied 
with  the  reason  ;  because  you  will  find 
it  good  and  just  and  right — so  good, 
that  it  was  altogether  beyond  the  un- 
derstanding of  one  who   is   not   good. 

Jidy  11th. 

Peace  is  for  those  wlio  do  the  truth, 
not   for  those  who  opine  it. 


Juhj  12tli. 

To  know  God  is  to  be  in  the  secret 
place   of  all  knowledge. 

July  ISth. 

To  wait  for  God,  believing  it  His 
one  design  to  redeem  His  creatures, 
ready  to  put  to  the  liand,  the  moment 
his  hour  strikes,  is  faith  lit  for  a  fellow- 
worker  with  Him. 

July  IJi-tli. 

When  I  look  like  this  into  the  blue 
sky,  it  seems  so  deep,  so  peaceful,  so 
full  of  a  mysterious  tenderness,  that  I 
could  lie  for  centuries,  and  Avait  for 
the  dawning  of  the  face  of  God  out 
of  the  awful  loving-kindness. 


July  loth. 

It  is  for  the  revelation  of  God  to 
all  human  souls,  that  they  may  be 
saved  by  knowing  Him,  and  so  be- 
coming like  Him,  that  a  child  is 
chosen  and  set  before  them,  in  the 

July  16th. 

Reality,  however  lapped  in  vanity, 
or  even  in  falsehood,  cannot  lose  its 

July  17th. 

Forgiveness  is  love  towards  the  un- 

July  18  th. 

To  help  the  growth  of  a  thought 
that  struggles  toward  the  liglit ;  to 
brush    with    gentle    hand,    the    earth- 


stain    from    the    Avliite    of   one    snow- 
drop, such  be  my  ambition. 

Juli/  19th. 

People  talk  about  special  provi- 
dences. I  believe  in  the  providences, 
but  not  in  the  specialty.  I  do  not 
think  that  God  lets  the  thread  of  my 
affairs  go  for  six  days,  and  on  the 
seventh  evening,  takes  it  up  for  a 

Jul2/  mtli. 

Until  we  love  the  Lord,  so  as  to  do 
what  He  tells  us,  we  have  no  right 
to  have  an  oj^inion  about  what  the 
disciples  meant ;  for  all  they  wrote  is 
about  things  beyond  us. 


July  21st. 

My  God,  I  thank  Thee,  Thou  dost  care 

for  me. 
I   am   content,  rejoicing  to  go  on, 
Even   when  my  home    seems  very  far 

away ; 
For  over  grief   and  aching   emptiness, 
And  fading  hopes,  a  higher  joy  arises. 

July  22d. 

To  succeed  in  the  wrong  is  the  most 
dreadful  punishment  to  a  man,  who  in 
the  main  is  honest. 

July  23d. 

If  I  had  my  way,  I  would  never 
argue  at  all.  I  would  spend  my 
energy  in  setting  forth  what  I  believe, 
and  so  leave  it  to  work  its  own  way. 


Juhj  ^th. 

Surely  if  God  has  made  us  to  desire 
the  truth,  He  lias  got  some  truth  to 
cast  into  the  gulf  of  that   desire. 

Juhj  25tli, 
Love  is  one  and  love  is  changeless. 

July  QGtli. 

I  do  not  think  that  the  road  to  con- 
tentment lies  in  despising  what  we 
have  not  got.  Let  us  acknowledge 
all  good,  and  be  content  without  it. 

July  27tli. 

The  world  will  never  be  right  till 
the  mind  of  God  is  the  measure  of 
things,  and  the  will  of  God  the  law 
of  things. 


July  ?Mtli. 

Remember   the     Truth    depends    not 
on   your  seeing  it. 

July  9.9tlu 

Show  me  the  person  ready  to  step 
from  any,  let  it  be  the  narrowest  sect 
of  Christian  Pharisees,  into  a  freer  and 
holier  air;  and  I  Avill  look  to  find,  in 
that  person,  the  one  of  that  sect,  who, 
in  the  midst  of  its  darkness  and  selfish 
worldliness,  has  been  living  a  life  more 
obedient  than  the  rest. 

July  30th. 

In  giving,  we  receive  more  than  we 
give;  and  the  more  is  in  proportion 
to  the  worth  of  tlie  thing   given. 


Juli/  31st. 

Well  do  I  know  not  one  human 
being  ought — even  were  it  possible — 
to  be  enough  for  himself :  each  of  us 
needs  God,  and  every  human  soul  He 
has  made,  before  He  has  enough  ;  but 
we  ought  each  to  be  able,  in  the  hope 
of  what  is  one  day  to  come,  to  endure 
for  a  time,  not  having  enough. 


Aur/ust  1st. 

We  believe — nay,  Lord,  we  only  hope. 

That  one  day  we  shall  thank  Thee  per- 

For  pain  and  hope  and  all  that  led 
or  drove 

Us  back  into  the   bosom  of  Thy  love. 

August  2d. 

Our  strength  ought  to  go  into  con- 
duct, not  into  talk — least  of  all,  into 
talk  about  what  they  call  the  doctrine 
of  the  gospel. 

August  3d. 

If  the  world  is  God's,  every  true 
man  ought  to  feel  at  home  in  it. 


August  J^th. 

Sometliing  is  wrong,  if  the  calm  of 
the  summer  night  does  not  sink  into 
the  heart,  for  the  peace  of  Gocl  is  there 

August  5th. 

As  the  light  fills  the  earth,   so  God 
fills  what  we  call  life. 

August  Gtli. 

To  do  what  we  ought,  is  an  alto- 
gether higher,  diviner,  more  potent, 
more  creative  thing,  than  to  write  the 
grandest  poem,  paint  the  most  beau- 
tiful picture,  carve  the  mightiest 
statue,  or  dream  out  the  most  enchant- 
ing commotion  of  melody  and  har- 


August  7th. 

A  Christian  is  just  one  that  does 
what  the  Lord  Jesus  tells  him.  Neither 
more  nor  less  than*  that  makes  a 

August  8th. 

The  Lord  has  not  forsaken  His 
people  because  the  young  ones  do  not 
think  just  as  the  old  ones  choose. 
The  Lord  has  something  fresh  to  tell 
them,  and  is  getting  them  ready  to 
receive  His  message. 

August  9th. 

On  the  borders  of  her  playfulness, 
there  seemed  ever  to  hang  a  fringe  of 
thoughtfulness,  as  if  she  felt  that  the 
present  moment  owed  all  its  sparkle 
and  brilliance  to  the  eternal  sunlight. 


God   Avas   good   to   lier,  and  to  us,  in 

August  10th. 

Everything  God  gives  you  to  do, 
you  must  do  as  well  as  you  can,  and 
that  is  the  best  possible  preparation 
for  what  He  may  Avant  you  to  do 

August  lltli. 

It  Avas  one  of  the  lessons  of  our 
Lord's  life  that  knoAvledge  and  poAver 
are  not  on  a  level  Avith  goodness. 

August  12th. 

"We  cannot  see  the  truth  in  common 
things, — the  Avill  of  God  in  little  every- 
day affairs,  and  that  is  hoAV  they  be- 
come so  irksome  to  us. 

FR OM  GEORGE  31 A C  DONALD.      99 

August  ISth. 

The  lowest  work  Avliich  God  gives 
a  man  to  do  must  be  in  its  nature 
noble,  as  certainl}^  noble  as  tlie  high- 

August  l^tli. 

Life  is  God's  school,  and  they  who 
will  listen  to  the  Master  there,  will 
learn  at  God's  speed. 

August  16tli. 

Something  is  wrong  in  the  man  to 
whom  the  sunrise  is  not  a  divine  glory, 
for  therein  are  embodied  the  truth,  the 
simplicity,  the   might  of  the   Maker. 

August  16th. 

Let  no  one  who  wants  to  do  any- 
thing  for   the   soul    of   a   man    lose   a 

689099  A 


chance    of    doing    something    for    his 

August  17th. 

God  is  the  only  home  of  the  human 

August  18th. 

A  real  duty  is  always  something 
right  in  itself.  The  duty  a  man  makes 
his  for  the  time,  by  supposing  it  to  be 
a  duty,  may  be  something  quite  wrong 
in  itself. 

August  19th. 

Believe  in  the  Will  that  w^ith  a 
thouofht  can  turn  the  shadow  of  death 
into  the  morning ;  give  gladness  for 
weeping,  and  the  garment  of  praise  for 
the   spirit  of  heaviness. 


August  ?Mli. 

It  is  a  good  tiling  to  desire  to  sliare 
a  good  thing,  but  it  is  not  well  to  be 
unable   alone  to  enjoy  a  good  thing. 

It  is  our  enjoyment  that  should  make 
us  desire  to  share.  To  enjoy  alone  is 
to  be  able  to  share. 

August  2l8t. 

Respect  and  graciousness  from  each 
to  each,  is  the  very  essence  of  Chris- 
tianity, independent  of  rank  or  pos- 
session or  relation. 

August  ^M, 

The  man  who  would  spare  due 
suffering  is  not  wise.  Because  a  thing 
is  unpleasant  it  is  folly  to  conclude  it 
ought  not  to  be. 


There  are  creations  to  be  perfected, 
sinners  to  be  redeemed,  through  the 
ministry   of  pain. 

August  '23d. 

Mercy  sometimes  wished  she  were 
good  ;  but  there  are  thousands  of  wan- 
dering ghosts  who  would  be  good,  if 
they  might  without  taking  trouble ; 
the  kind  of  goodness  they  desire  would 
not  be  worth  a  life  to  hold  it. 

August  2Jftli. 

Instead  of  God's  truth  they  offer 
man's  theory,  and  accuse  of  rebellion 
ap-ainst  God  such  as  cannot  live  on 
the  husks  they  call  food. 

August  ^dth. 

He  speaks  against  God  who  says 
He  does  things  that  are  not  good.     It 


does  not  make  a  thing  good  to  call  it 

August  26th. 

Tlie  justice  of  God  is  the  love  of 
what  is  right  and  the  doing  of  what  is 

Eternal  misery  in  tlie  name  of  justice 
could  satisfy  none  but  a  demon,  whose 
bad  laws  had  been  broken. 

August  27th. 

How   did   they  find    Thee    in    days   of 
old  ? 
How  did  they  grow  so  sure  ? 
They   fought   in  Thy  name,  they  were 
glad  and  bold. 
They  suffered   and   kept  themselves 


August  28tli. 

When  will  we  understand  tliat  it  is 
neither  thought  nor  talk,  neither  sor- 
row for  sin,  iior  love  of  holiness  that 
is  required  of  us,  but  obedience.  To 
be  and  to  obey  are   one. 

Auf/icst  C9t7i. 

I  know  that  all  the  strangest  things 
in  life  and  history  must  one  day  come 
together,  in  a  beautiful  face  of  loving 
purpose,  one  of  the  faces  of  the  living 

August  30th. 

Our  dependence  is  our  eternity. 
We  cannot  live  on  bread  alone:  we 
need  every  word  of  God. 

FROM  GEORGE  MA  C  BONA  LI).     105 

August  31sf. 

God  cannot  by  searching  be  found 
out,  jet  is  ever  before  us :  the  one  we 
can  best  know,  the  one  we  cannot 
lielp  knowing  ;  for  His  end  in  giving 
us  being,  is  that  His  humblest  creature 
shoukl  at  length  possess  Himself,  and 
be   possessed  by  Him. 


Septejiiber  1st. 

Defeat   thou    know'st    not,   canst    not 

know ; 
'Tis  that  thy  aims  so  lofty  go, 
They  need  as  long  to  root  and  grow, 
As  infant  hills  to  reach  the  snow. 

Septemher  2d, 

God  will  not  take  you  away  if  it 
be  better  for  you  to  live  here  longer. 
But  you  will  have  to  go  sometime ; 
and  if  you  contrived  to  live  after  God 
Avanted  you  to  go,  you  would  find 
yourself  much  less  ready  when  the 
time   came  that  j^ou   must  go. 


September  3d. 

God  is  tlie  one  perfect  individual, 
and  Avhile  this  world  is  His  and  that 
world  is  His,  there  can  be  no  incon- 
sistency, no  violent  difference,  between 
there  and  here. 

September  Ij-tli. 

All  is  man's,  only  because  it  is 

September  5th. 

The  only  way  to  get  at  what  is 
right,  is  to  do  what  seems  right.  Even 
if  we   mistake,  there  is  no  other  way. 

September  6tli. 

Evil  that  is  not  seen  to  be  evil  by 
one  willing  and  trying  to  do  right,  is 
not   counted   evil   to   him.     It   is  evil, 

FROM  GEORGE  MA C  DONA LD.     1 1 1 

only  to  the  person  who  either  knows 
it  to  be  evil  or  Avho  does  not  care 
whether  it  be  or  not. 

Septe^nher  7th. 

The  philosopher  is  he  who  lives  in 
the  thought  of  things ;  the  Christian 
is  he  who  lives  in  the  thinn^s  them- 

September  8th. 

I  thought  that  if  I  could  get  them 
to  like  poetry  and  beautiful  things  in 
words,  it  would  not  only  do  them  good, 
but  would  help  them  to  see  Avliat  is 
in  the  Bible  and  therefore  love  it  more. 

September  0th.    - 

It  is  in  our  own  thoughts,  and  our 
own  actions  that  we  have  first  to  stand 


up  for  the  right ;  our  business  is  not 
to  j)i'otect  ourselves  from  our  neigh- 
bor's wrong,  but  our  neighbor  from 
our  wrong.  This  is  to  slay  evil,  the 
other  is   to  make   it  multiply. 

September  10th. 

Things  are  ours,  that  we  may  use 
them  for  all — sometimes  that  we  may 
sacrifice  them.  God  had  but  one  pre- 
cious thing  and  He  gave  that. 

September  11th. 

There  is  no  forgetting  ourselves,  but 
in  tlie  finding  of  our  deeper,  our  truer 
self — the  Christ  in  us. 

September  l'2th. 

Relicfion  is  neither  the  food  nor  the 
medicine  of  being.  It  is  the  life  essen- 


September  13th. 

Depend  upon"  it,  we  get  our  best 
use  of  life,  in  learning,  by  the  facts  of 
its  ebb  and  flow,  to  understand  the 
Son  of  iMan. 

Sei^temher  IJ^tli. 

Praised  be  the  grandeur  of  the  God 
who  can  endure  to  make  and  see  His 
children  suffer. 

September  15tli. 

Thanks  be  to  Him  for  His  north 
winds  and  His  poverty,  and  His  bitter- 
ness that  falls  upon  the  spirit  that 
errs  ! 

Let  those  who  know  Him,  thus 
praise   the  Lord  for  His  goodness. 

September  IGth. 
"  By   life,    T   mean   being.     If  there 


be  no  God,  I  dare  not  kill  myself," 
said  Malcolm,  "  lest  worse  should  be 
waiting  me  in  the  awful  voids  beyond. 
If  there  be  a  God,  living  or  dying  is 
all  one,  so  it  be  what  He  pleases." 

September  17th. 

Some  people  are  content  not  to  do 
mean  actions.  I  want  to  become  in- 
capable  of  a  mean  thought  or  feeling. 

September  ISth. 

As  we  grow  ready  for  true  nobility, 
somewhere  or  other  we  will  fmd  what 
is  needful  for  us,  in  a  book,  or  a  friend, 
or  best  of  all,  in  our  own  thoughts — 
the  eternal  thought  speaking  in  our 

September  Wtli. 
There   is    no   strcnoih    in    unbelief. 

FliOM  GEORGE  MA C  DONALD.     115 

Even  tlie  unbelief  of  what  is  false  is 
no  source  of  might.  It  is  the  truth 
shining  from  behind,  that  gives  the 
strength  to  disbelieve. 

September  20ih, 

God  may  be  good,  although  to  you. 
His  government  may  seem  to  deny  it. 

Septemhei'  '21st. 

It  is  the  nobler  thing  to  seek  God 
in  the  days  of  gladness,  to  look  up  to 
Him,  in  trustful  bliss,  when  the  sun  is 
shining.  But  if  a  man  be  miserable, 
if  the  storm  is  coming  down  on  him, 
what  is  he  to  do  ?  Tliere  is  nothing 
mean  in  seeking  God  then,  though  it 
would  have  been  nobler  to  seek  Him 


September  22 d. 

If  you  have  ever  seen  the  Lord, 
if  only  from  afar — if  you  have  any 
vaguest  suspicion  that  Jesus  was  a 
better  man  than  other  men,  one  of  3'our 
first  duties  must  be  to  open  your  ears 
to  His  words,  and  see  whether  tliey 
commend  themselves  to  you  as  true: 
then,  if  they  do,  to  obey  them  with 
your  whole  strength  and  might. 

September  23d. 

When  we  understand  Him,  then 
only  do  we  understand  our  life  and 

September  2Iftli. 

The  only  and  greatest  thing  man  is 
capable   of   is  Trust  in   (lod. 


Sej^t ember  25 tit. 

The  true,  in  even  the  lowest  kind, 
is  of  the  truth,  and  to  be  compelled  to 
feel  that  is  to  be  driven  a  trifle  nearer 
to  the  truth  of  being,  of  creation,  of 

September  26th. 

Every  truth  has  its  own  danger  or 

September  27th. 

I  imagine  that  to  him  that  has  over- 
come the  world,  in  very  virtue  of  his 
victory,  it  will  show  itself  the  lovely 
and  pure  thing  it  was  created ;  for 
he  will  see  through  the  cloudy  envelope 
of  his  battle  to  the  living^  kernel  below. 

September  28th. 
What   a   joy   to    know   that,    of    all 


things  and  all  thoughts — God  is  near- 
est to  us — so  near  that  Ave  cannot  see 
Him,  but  far  beyond  seeing  Him,  can 
know  of  Him  infinitely. 

September  29th. 

God  alone  can  tell  what  delights  it 
is  possible  for  Him  to  give  to  the  pure 
in  heart,  who  shall  one  day  behold 

September  SOtJi. 

The  true  possession  of  anything  is 
to  see  and  feel  in  it,  what  God  made 
it  for  and  the  uplifting  of  the  soul 
by  that  knowledge,  is  the  joy  of  true 


October  1st. 

Nor  seek  tliou  to  revive 
The  summer    time,    when    roses    were 
Do  thou  thy  work, — be  willing  to  be 

-  old; 
Thy  sorrow    is    the   husk    that   doth 
A    fforo^eous    June,    for     which     thou 
need'st  not  strive. 

October  2d. 

The  world  might  be  divided  into 
those  who  let  things  go,  and  those 
who  do  not :  into  the  forces  and  facts, 
the  slaves  and  fancies :    those  who  are 


always  doing  something  on  God's 
creative  lines,  and  those  that  are  always 
grumbling  and  striving   against   them. 

October  3d. 

Real  union  must  ever  be  in  propor- 
tion to  mutual  truthfulness. 

October  4th. 

To  miss  is  the  preparation  for  receiv- 

October  5th. 

One  incapable  of  drudgery  cannot 
be  capable  of  the   finest   work. 

October  6th. 

The  idea  that  our  standing  is  deter- 
mined by  our  knowledge  of  what  is 
or  is  not  the  thing.,  is  one  of  the  degrad- 
ino-  influences  of  modern  times. 


Octoher  7th. 

I  thought  witliiu  myself,  that  if  there 
were  a  God,  He  certainly  knew  that  I 
would  give  myself  to  Him,  if  I  could : 
that  if  I  knew  Jesus  to  be  really  His 
son,  however  it  might  seem  strange  to 
believe  in  Him,  and  hard  to  obey  liim, 
I  would  try  to  do  so  ;  and  then  a  verse 
about  the  smoking  flax  and  the  bruised 
reed  came  into  my  head,  and  a  great  hope 
arose  in  me. 

Octoher  8tli. 

God  shows  us  the  good  and  the  bad ; 
urges  us  to  be  good ;  makes  good 
thoughts  and  good  desires  in  us  ;  but 
we  must  yield ;  we  must  turn  to  Him  ; 
we  must  consent  to  be  made  good. 

Octoher  0th. 
The   more    anxious  lie   was  to  come 


near  to  God,  tlie  more  lie  felt  that 
the  high-road  to  God  lay  through  the 
forest  of  humanity. 

October  10th. 

It  is  in  the  individual  soul  that  the 
Spirit  works,  and  out  of  which  He 
sends  forth  fresh  influences. 

October  lltli. 

Good  women,  in  their  supposed 
ignorance  of  men's  wickedness,  are  not 
unfrequently  like  the  angels,  in  that 
they  understand  it  perfectly,  without 
the  knowledge  soiling  one  feather  of 
their  wings. 

October  mtli. 

Until  we  begin  to  learn  that  the 
only  way    to    serve    God,  in    any  real 

FROM  GEORGE  MA  C  DONA  LI).      1  tJ5 

sense  of  the  word,  is  to  serve  our 
neighbor,  we  may  have  knocked  at  the 
wicket-gate,  but  I  doubt  if  Ave  have 
got  one  foot  across  the  threshold  of 
the  kingdom. 

October  13th. 

All  the  doors  that  lead  inward  to 
the  secret  place  of  the  ^lost  High  are 
doors  outwards — out  of  self — out  of 
smallness — out  of  wrong. 

October  llftli. 

It  is  not  the  high  summer  alone 
that  is  God's.  The  winter  also  is  Ilis. 
All  man's  winters  are  His, — the  winter 
of  our  poverty, — the  winter  of  our 
sorrow — even  the  winter  of  our  dis- 


October  ISth. 

We  cannot  live  on  air  alone,  we  need 
an  atmosphere  of  living  souls. 

October  16th. 

The  love  of  God  is  the  source  of 
all  joy,  and  of  all  good  things,  and 
this  love  is  present  in  the  child,  Jesus. 

October  17th. 

I  fancy  the  most  indispensable  thing 
to  a  life  is  that  it  should  be  interesting 
to  those  who  have  it  to  live. 

October  18th. 

The  wind-tossed  anemone  is  a  word 
of  God  as  real  and  true  as  the  un- 
bejidiiig  oak  l)eneath  wliich  it  grows. 


Oetober  19th. 

Perhaps  the  highest  moral  height 
which  a  man  can  reach,  and  at  the  same 
time  the  most  difficult  of  attainment,  is 
the  willingness  to  be  nothinrf. 

October  20th. 

We  can  behold  and  understand  God, 
in  the  least  degree,  as  well  as  in  the 
greatest,  only  by  the  Godlike  within 
us,  and  he  that  loves  thus  the  good 
and  great  has  no  room,  no  thought, 
no  necessity  for  comparison  and  differ- 

October  2Ut, 

Sunshine  is  not  gladness,  because 
you  see  Him  not.  The  stars  are  far 
away  because  He  is  not  near. 


October  22d. 
The  heart  within  you  cries  out  for 
something,  and  you  let  it  cry.  It  is 
crying  for  its  God — for  its  father  and 
mother  and  home.  And  the  day  will 
come,  wlien  all  the  Avorld  will  look 
dull  and  gray,  till  your  heart  is  satis- 
fied and  quieted  with  the  presence  of 
Him  in  whom  we  live,  move,  and  have 
our  being. 

Octoher  23d. 

I  believe  that  the  grand,  noble  way 
of  thinkinof  of  God  and  His  will  must 
be  the  true  way,  though  it  never  can 
be  grand  or  noble  enough :  and  that 
belief  in  beauty  and  truth,  is  essential 
to  a  right  understanding  of  the  world. 

Octoher  24th. 
Sorrow  herself  will  reveal,  one  day, 


that     she     was     only     the     beneficent 
shadow  of  joy. 

October  25th. 

When  we  love  truly,  all  oppression 
of  past  sin  will  be  swept  away. 

Octoher  26th. 

Love  is  the  final  atonement,  oi  wliich 
and  for  which  the  sacrifice  of  the 
atonement  was  made.  And  till  this 
atonement  is  made  in  every  man,  sin 
holds  its  own,  and  God  is  not  all  in 

Octoher  27th. 

The  goal  of  all  life  is  the  face  of 

October  28th. 
She  had  a  strong  instinctive  feeling 


that  she  was  in  the  world  to  do  some- 
thing, and  she  saw  that  if  nobody 
tried  to  keep  things  right  they  would 
go  terribly  Avrong. 

If  slie  could  do  nothing  with  the  big 
things,  she  must  be  the  busier  with  the 
little  things. 

October  29th. 

Perhaps  she  had  to  learn  a  yet 
higher  lesson  :  tliat  our  one  free  home 
is  the  Heart,  the  eternal,  lovely  Will 
of  God,  than  that  which  should  fail, 
it  would  be  better  that  Ave  should  go 
out  in  blackness.  But  this  Will  is 
our  Salvation.  Because  He  liveth,  we 
shall  live  also. 

October  SOtli, 

Is  it  true  that  all  our  experiences 
will  one  day  revive  in  entire  clearness 


of  outline,  and  full  brilliancy  of  color, 
passing  before  the  horror-struck  soul 
to  the  denial  of  time,  and  the  asser- 
tion of  ever-present  eternity?  If  so, 
then  God  be  with  us,  for  we  shall 
need  Him. 

October  31st. 

The  Spirit  of  God  lies  all  about 
the  spirit  of  man,  like  a  mighty  sea, 
ready  to  rush  in,  at  the  smallest  chink 
in  the  walls,  that  shut  him  out  from 
his  own. 


November  1st. 

Better  a  death  when  work  is  clone 
Than  earth's  most  favored  birth  ; 

Better  a  chiki  in  God's  great  house 
Than  the  kine  of  all  the  earth. 


November  2d. 

That  whicli  is  best  He  gives  most 
plentifully,  as  is  reason  wdth  Him. 
Hence  the  quiet  fulness  of  ordinary 
nature ;  hence  the  Spirit  to  them  that 
ask  it. 

November  3d. 

And  tlien  I  thouofht  of  the  wind 
that  bloweth  where  it  listeth,  wdiich  is 


everywhere,  and  I  thanked  God  for 
the  Life  of  life  whose  story  and  whose 
words  are  in  that  best  of  books. 

November  Jftli. 

If  we  do  evil  that  good  may  come, 
the  good  we  looked  for  will  never  come 
thereby.  But  once  evil  is  done,  we 
may  humbly  look  to  Him  who  bringeth 
good  out  of  evil  and  wait. 

November  5th. 

Only  as  we  do  our  duty  will  light 
go  up  in  our  hearts,  making  us  wise 
to  understand  the  precious  words  of 
our  Lord. 

November  6th. 

What  we  all  need  is  just  to  become 
little  children  like  Him  ;  to  cease  to  be 


careful  about  many  things,  and  trust 
in  Him,  seeking  only  that  He  sliould 
rule,  and  that  we  should  be  made  good 
like  Him. 

November  7th. 

We  profess  to  think  Jesus  the 
grandest  and  most  glorious  of  men, 
and  yet  hardly  care  to  be  like  Him ; 
and  so  when  we  are  offered  His  Spiiit 
for  the  asking,  we  will  hardly  take  the 
trouble  to  ask  for  it. 

Novemhev  8th. 

Tlie  philosopher  occupies  himself 
with  what  God  may  intend,  the  Chris- 
tian with  what  God  may  want  him  to 

November  9th. 
It  is  a  joy  to  think  that  He  will  not 


give  you  a  stone,  even  if  you  should 
take  it  for  a  loaf,  and  ask  for  it,  as 

JVovemher  10th. 

When  people  do  not  understand 
what  the  Lord  says,  when  it  seems  to 
them  that  His  advice  is  impracticable, 
instead  of  searching  deeper  for  a  mean- 
ing which  will  be  evidently  true  and 
wise,  they  comfort  themselves  by  think- 
ing He  could  not  have  meant  it  al- 
together, and  so  leave  it. 

Novemher  11th. 

Let  us  seek  to  find  out  what  our 
Lord  means  that  we  may  do  it :  trying 
and  failing,  and  trying  again, — verily 
to  be  victorious  at  last, — what  matter 
ivhe7i  so  long  as  we  are  trying,  and  so 
coming  nearer  to  our  end. 


November  12th. 

To  serve  is  the  highest,  noblest  call- 
ing in  creation.  For  even  the  Son  of 
Man  came  not  to  be  ministered  unto 
but  to  minister. 

November  loth. 

Father !  we  need  Thy  winter  as  Thy 

And  Thy  poor  children,  knowing  Thy 
great  heart, 

Will  cease  to  vex  Thee  with  our  pee- 
vish cries, 

Will  lift  our  eyes  and  smile,  though 

Yet  not  the  less  pray  for  Thy  help, 
when  pain 

Is  overstrung. 

November  IJfth. 
It  has   been  well  said  that  no  man 


ever  sank  under  the  burden  of  the  day. 
It  is  when  to-morrow's  burden  is  added 
to  the  burden  of  to-day  that  the  weight 
is  more  than  a  man  can  bear. 

November  15th. 

One  of  the  highest  benefits  we  can 
reap  from  understanding  the  way  of 
God  with  ourselves  is,  that  we  become 
able  thus  to  trust  Him,  for  others,  with 
whom  we  do  not  understand  His  ways. 

November  16th. 

The  poorest  success,  provided  the 
attempt  has  been  genuine,  will  enable 
one  to  enter  into  any  art  ten  times 
better  than  before. 

November  17  th. 

I  think  the  rest,  in  heaven,  as  here, 
will  be  the  presence  of   God,  and  if  Ave 


have  Him  with  us,  the  battlefield  itself 
will  be,  if  not  quiet,  j^et  as  full  of 
peace  as  this  night  of  stars. 

November  18th. 

Humble  ministrations  to  your  neigh- 
bor will  help  3^ou  to  that  perfect  love 
of  God  whicli  casteth  out  fear. 

November  19th, 

Nothing  but  the  love  of  God — that 
God  revealed  in  Christ — will  make  you 
able  to  love  your  neighbor  aright. 

November  Wth. 

One  of  the  gi-eat  battles  that  we  have 
to  fight  in  this  world — for  twenty  great 
battles  have  to  be  fought,  all  at  once 
and  in  one — is  the  battle  with  appear- 


Noveynher  21st, 

Contempt  is  one  of  tlie  lowest  spirit- 
ual conditions  in  wliicli  nwy  being  can 
place  himself.  Our  Lord  says,  "  Take 
heed  that  ye  despise  not  one  of  these 
little  ones,  for  their  angels  do  always 
behold  the  face  of  My  Father,  who  is 
in  heaven." 

November  22d. 

In  thinking  lovingly  about  others, 
we  think  healthily  about  ourselves. 

November  23 d. 

There  is  One  who  bringeth  light  out 
of  darkness,  joy  out  of  sorrow,  humility 
out  of  wrong. 

November  24th. 
When  our  duty  looks  like  an  enemy. 


dragging  us  into  tlie  dark  mountains, 
we  liave  no  less  to  go  with  it,  tliaii 
when,  like  a  friend  with  loving  face, 
it  offers  to  lead  him  along  green  pas- 
tures, by  the  river-side. 

November  25th. 

It   is  a  fine  thing   in   friendship   to 
know  when  to  be  silent. 

Novemher  26th. 

Action     is      more      powerful      than 
speech,  in  the  inculcation  of  religion. 

N'ovemher  27th. 

Some  spirit  must  move  in  that 
wind  that  haunts  us  with  a  kind  of 
human  sorrow. 


November  28th. 

Thou,     too,     hast     such     a     chamber, 

quietest   place, 
Where     God     is     waiting     for     thee. 

What  is  it 
That  will  not  let  thee  enter? 

November  29th. 

In  the  cold  desolate  garret  he  knelt 
and  cried  out  unto  that  which  lay 
beyond  the  thought  that  cried,  the 
unknowable  infinite, — after  the  God 
who  may  be  found,  as  surely  as  a 
little  child  knows  his  mysterious 

November  30th. 

God  cannot  be  more  j^our  Father 
than   He    is.     You   may  be    more    His 


child    than    you    are,    but    not     more 
than   lie   meant  you  to   be,   nor   more 
than  He  made  you  for. 


December  1st. 

But  He   said   that   they  Avho    did   His 

The  truth  of  it  shouhl  know: 
I   will  try  -to  do  it — if  He  be  Lord, 

Perhaps  the  old  spring  will  flow. 
Perhaps      the     old     spirit    wind    will 

That  He  promised  to  their  prayer, 
And  doing  Thy  will,  I  yet  shall  know 

Thee    Father,  everywhere ! 

December  2d. 

The  winter  restrains  that   the    sum- 
mer may  have  the  needful  time  to  do 


its   work  Avell :    for   the   winter  is   but 
the  sleep  of  summer. 

December  3d. 

Shall  life  itself  be  less  beautiful 
than  one  of  its  clays?  Do  not  be- 
lieve it.  Men  call  the  shadow 
thrown  upon  the  universe,  Avhere 
their  own  dusky  souls  come  between 
it  and  the  eternal  sun — life;  and  then 
mourn  that  it  should  be  less  bright 
than  the  hopes  of  their  childhood. 

December  Iftli. 

All  good  is  of  God.  If  a  man  love 
his  brother  whom  he  hath  seen,  the 
love  of  God,  whom  he  hath  not  seen, 
is  not  very  far  off. 

December  5tli. 
Unto     everv   one    whom    God    hath 

FROM  GEORGE  MA  C  BOX  ALT).     151 

sent  into  tlie  world,  He  hath   given  a 
work  to   do   in   that   world. 

December  0th. 

Whatever  may  l^e  meant  by  the 
place  of  misery,  depend  upon  it,  it  is 
only  another  form  of  love :  love 
shining  through  the  fogs  of  ill,  and 
so  made  to  look  something  very  dif- 

December  7tli. 

The  simplest  woman  who  tries  not 
to  judge  her  neighbor,  Avill  better 
know  what  is  best  to  know,  than  the 
best-read  bishop  Avithout  that  one 
simple  outgoing  of  his  highest  nature, 
in  the  effort  to  do  the  will  of  Him 
who   thus  spoke. 


December  8th. 

The  one  grand  thing  in  humanity 
is  faith  in  God;  the  highest  in  God, 
His  truth,  His  goodness,  His  right- 

December  9tli. 

As  far  as  my  experience  guides 
me,  I  am  bound  to  believe  that  there 
is  a  spot  of  soil  in  every  heart,  suffi- 
cient for  the  growth  of  a  gospel 

December  10th. 

Aspiration  and  obedience  are  the 
two  mightiest  forces  for  development. 

December  11th. 

Of  nothing  can  my  heart  be  sure 
Except  the  highest,  best : 

When  God  I  see  Avitli  vision  pure, 
That  sight  will  be  my  rest. 


December  1.3th. 

The  true  way  is  difficult  enough, 
because  of  our  unchildlikeness,  but 
there  is  a  fresh  life  with  every  sur- 
mounted height,  a  purer  air  gained, 
more  life  for  more  climbing. 

December  ISth, 

A  quiet  heart,  submissive,  meek. 

Father,  do  thou  bestow. 
Which  more  than  granted  will  not  seek 

To  have,  or  give,  or  know. 

December  llfth. 

The  winter  is  the  childhood  of  the 
year.  Into  this  childhood  of  the  year 
came  the  .child  Jesus  ;  and  into  this 
childhood  of  the  year  must  we  all 


December  loth. 

When  the  human  soul  is  not  yet  able 
to  receive  the  vision  of  the  God-man, 
God,  sometimes, — might  I  not  say 
always  ? — reveals  Himself,  or  at  least 
gives  Himself,  in  some  human  being, 
whose  face,  whose  hands  are  the  minis- 
tering angels  of  His  unacknowledged 
presence,  to  keep  alive  the  fire  of  love 
on  the  altar  of  the  heart,  until  God 
hath  provided  the  sacrifice — that  is, 
until  the  soul  is  strong  enough  to  draw 
it  from  the  concealinoj'  thicket. 

December  IGtli. 

It  is  not  good  that  a  man  should 
batter  day  and  night  at  the  gate  of 
lieaven.  Sometimes  he  can  do  noth- 
ing else,  and  then  nothing  else  is  worth 
doing ;  but  the  very  noise  of  the  siege 


will    sometimes    drown   the   still   small 
voice  that  calls  from  the  open  postern. 

December  17th. 

No  human  being  has  ever  been 
allowed  to  occupy  the  position  of  a 
pure  benefactor.  The  receiver  has  his 
turn  and  becomes  tlie  giver. 

December  18th. 

Think  not  about  thy  sin,  so  as  to  make 
it  either  less  or  greater  in  thine  own 
eyes.  Bring  it  to  Jesus,  and  leave  it 
to  Him  to  judge  thee. 

December  19th. 

Our  Lord  taught  us  to  pray  always 
and  not  get  tired  of  it.  God,  however 
poor  creatures  we  may  be,  would  have 
us  talk  to  Him,  for  then  He  can  speak 


to  US    better    than  when   we   turn    no 
face  to  Him. 

December  20th. 

God  gives  us  every  sort  of  opportu- 
nity for  trusting  Him. 

December  21st, 

Come  liome,  hungry  soul !  Tliy  God 
is  not  like  the  elder  brother  of  the 
parable,  but  a  God  high  above  all  thy 
lorjging,  even  as  the  heavens  are  above 
the  earth. 

December  22d. 

Who  dwelleth  in  that  secret  place, 
Wliere  tumult  enters  not, 

Is  never  cold  with  terror  base, 
Kever  with  anger  IkjI, 

F^o^[  GEoncF  ^fAC  doxald.    iot 

For  if  an  evil  host  should  dare 

His  very  lioart  invosr. 
God  is  his  deeper  lioari.  and  ilioro 

He  entei-s  into  rest. 

Dccrmhcr  .^>:7. 

Tlio  Yorv  niotlier  of  the  Lord  did 
not,  for  a  hvaL:^-  time,  niiderstauLl  Him, 
and  only  throtigh  sorrow  eanie  to  see 
true   odory. 

De(*emher  B^th, 

A  body  eannot  rise  to  the  heiL^-ht  of 
graee  all  at  onee,  nor  yet  in  ten  en- 
twenty  years,  ^laybe  if  1  do  ri^hi,  I 
may  be  able  to  eome  to  that  eie  all  be 

Decmnher  Both. 

\n  the  name  of  tlie  ludy  eluld,  Jestr^, 
1  eall  iiiH^n   vou   this  Cdiristmas  Oav  to 


cast  care  to  tlie  winds,  and  trust  in 
God :  to  remember  that  the  one  gift 
promised  without  reserve,  to  those  that 
ask  it,  is  the  gift  of  the  Holy  Spirit  : 
the  spirit  of  the  child  Jesus,  wlio  will 
take  of  the  things  of  Jesus  and  make 
you  understand  them. 

December  26tli. 

Tliere  can  be  no  true  labor  done, 
save  in  as  far  as  we  are  fellow-laborers 
Avith  God.  We  must  work  with  Him, 
not  against  Him. 

Decemiher  27tli. 

If  we  could  thoroughly  understand 
anything,  that  would  be  enough  to 
prove  it  undivine,  and  that  which  is 
but  one  step  beyond  our  understanding 
must  be,  in  some  of  its  relations,  as 
mysterious  as  if  it  were  a  hundred. 


December  £8th. 

"What  is  a  man  to  do  for  the 
poor?  How  is  he  to  work  with 
God?"  He  must  be  a  man  amongst 
them — a  man  breathing  the  air  of  a 
higher  life,  and  therefore,  in  all 
natural  waj-s,  fulfilling  his  endless 
human  relations   to   them. 

December  29th. 

Of  one  thing  I  am  pretty  sure. 
The  same  recipe  Goethe  gave  for  the 
enjoyment  of  life  applies  equally  to 
all  work.  "  Do  the  thing  that  lies 
next  you."     That  is  all  our  business. 

December  30th. 

Whatever  you  do  for  the  needy, 
let  your  own  being, — that  is  you,  in 
relation  to  them, — be  the  background, 
that   so   you   may   be   a   link   between 


them  and  God,  or  rather,  I  should 
say,  between  them  and  a  knowledge 
of  God. 

December  31st. 

Thou  goest  thine,  and  I  go  mine — 

Many  ways  we  wend ; 
Many  days  and  many  ways, 

Ending  in  one  end. 

Many  a  wrong,  and  its  curing  song; 

Many  a  road,   and  many  an  inn ; 
Room  to  roam,  but  only  one  home 

For  all  the  world  to  Avin. 



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